Omaze boosts conversions by 40% and drives millions in donations through redesign and high-frequency testing.

Applying high-frequency testing Frameworks to Drive Massive Growth & revolutionize the donations industry.

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Increased in ROI revenue

Omaze boosts conversions by 40% and drives millions in donations through redesign and high-frequency testing.

Project Overview

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When we partnered with Omaze, the world-leading experiences and donations site, we knew that we had an opportunity to rethink the way users donate to celebrity-endorsed experiences. The donations market is incredibly large, valued at over $400 billion, but it can also be highly fragmented, with users often only choosing to donate to specific charities or causes.

Omaze faced a unique challenge in that they wanted to reduce the dependency on celebrity tie-ins and shift the donor focus to epic experiences and prizes. This was to foster a direct relationship with their users and build stronger loyalty to the Omaze brand. However, this required a complete rethinking of the entire user journey, a re-engagement approach, and constant testing and optimization of flows.

We knew that a website redesign was necessary to increase conversion at scale. We focused on a few key areas to drive conversions, including redesigning the overall layout, design, and user flow of the site to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. We also established a weekly cadence of A/B tests to lift conversion rates even further by an additional 200%.

To better understand the impact of user incentives and donation amounts, we implemented an economy-balancing system. This was crucial to identify the point of balance between what users were willing to pay and the incentives offered. By introducing gamification elements to the user experience, we were able to drive donor retention behaviors. We ideated a unique content strategy to produce viral video content that would increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to the site.

The results were staggering: we increased the conversion rate by 40% at scale and drive millions in donations for Omaze. The website redesign and the addition of high-frequency testing frameworks allowed us to optimize and improve the user experience at every stage of the journey. By focusing on creating an economy-balancing system and utilizing gamification, we were able to increase engagement and retention, ultimately driving more donations for Omaze.

Today, Omaze is a donation destination. Through their innovative approach of offering exciting prizes and experiences, the Omaze community has raised over $170 million for more than 600 charitable organizations globally. By participating in donations and sweepstakes, donors not only stand a chance to win life-changing rewards but also make a substantial impact in raising awareness and funds for these organizations, surpassing traditional fundraising methods.

This case study is a demonstration of how rethinking user journeys, utilizing high-frequency testing frameworks, and focusing on engagement and retention can change the way users perceive and do an action as standard as donating and how consistent tactical changes can result in high-impact community solutions.

Project Execution

  • Executed a comprehensive website redesign, resulting in a 40% increase in conversion rates at scale.
  • Implemented a weekly cadence of A/B tests to lift the conversion rate an additional 200%.
  • Built an economy balancing system to understand the impact of user incentives and donation amounts.
  • Incorporated gamification of user incentives to drive donor retention behaviors.
  • Devised a content strategy to produce unique and viral video content.


  • Achieved an Average Donation Value increase of 80%+
  • 3 videos with over 20 million views
  • 20 videos with over 1 million views
  • Increased Add To Cart by 150%+
  • 500% increase in Unique Visitor to Donor Conversion Rate
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