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HYPER Impact Product Services


Startups & Scaleups, Hyper's expertise is here to give you the confidence to launch and scale your product. With our embedded expertise and guidance, you can make informed decisions about your product roadmap and drive growth for your business.

Let's work together to turn your vision into the product your customers can't live without!

Good Product Planning = Great Product Marketing

Introduce the game-changing product your customers didn't know they needed...until now.

HYPER-Impact Product Marketing Services

Roadmap Planning & Prioritization

Time is not your friend. Let us help you focus your resources on shipping features your business needs and that your users will love!

Feature Discovery

What features are you missing? Spoiler alert, Dark mode can wait! Let Hyper assess the market with you to find and define those need to have features.

User Flows & Journeys

Are your users acting like wild animals? Hyper can help you get them back in line. We'll work with you to ensure your product has suitable core loops to scale without breaking as you add new features. Let us tame the chaos, or better yet, prevent it altogether!

GTM Strategy

Remove the guesswork from your GTM planning with our data-driven approach and hands-on execution. From discovery to acquiring your Golden Cohort, you can rely on Hyper's experience to introduce you to the market!


Building a relationship with your customers is difficult if you can't communicate with them at scale! Hyper will architect the tools and strategy for you to engage with your users to turn them into loyal customers.

Lifecycle Marketing

Bottlenecks causing strain for your users will erode your LTV and be detrimental to your success. Hyper can help you segment user progression in a meaningful way and pair it with targeted engagement campaigns to extend their lifecycle and drive sustainable growth.

Positioning & Market Alignment

Positioning and market alignment are like peanut butter and jelly for B2C apps: they might be great on their own, but they're even better when they're together! Let Hyper remove the guesswork to ensure your product stands out in a crowded market.

Competitive Analysis

"There is nothing new under the sun"...And when it comes to your product, this means that there are direct and indirect competitors to learn from. Hyper will help you identify these competitors and understand their strategies and tactics to outmaneuver them.

Don't Just Take Our Word...

Helped us acquire our first million users"

"HyperDP was our growth partner from day one. Their team has helped us acquire our first million users, build a scaleable foundation, and avoid early mistakes. We highly recommend HyperDP for any startup seeking to scale-up and succeed."

Cordel Robbin-Coker
Co-Founder, CEO at Carry1st
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Hyper's Startup & ScaleUp Growth Services

While You're Here. Checkout Hyper's 4 Pillars For Growth:

Growth Marketing

Acquire users that are valuable to the  KPIs of your business. Let Hyper take the wheel and drive growth.

Fully Managed User Acquisition
Bring Your Team In-House
Product Launches & Market Expansion
Hyper's Growth Marketing Services

Data & Analytics

Don't let your business drown in a sea of useless vanity metrics. Turn your data into a weapon of mass instruction and future-proof the scalability of your business.

Predictive LTV Modeling
KPI Prioritization
Custom Dashboards
Hyper's Data &Analytics

Product Marketing

Hyper's expertise is here to give you the confidence to launch and scale your product. Let's work together to turn your vision into the product your customers can't live without!

Roadmap Planning & Prioritization
GTM Strategy & Execution
Positioning & Market Alignment
Hyper's Product Marketing Services

Growth Operations

With any fast-growing startup, there's a lot to tie together and predict. The unknown, unknowns are abundant and can be fatal.

Financial Modeling & Projections
Marketing Automation
Investor & Board Reporting
Hyper's Growth Ops. Services
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