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Hyper's scaled growth services are fit for late-stage companies looking to level up their marketing efforts and unlock or extend their next phase of growth. We offer impactful services with no fluff, including agency audits, fully managed performance marketing, growth team expansion, performance audits, product launches, and GTM execution. Our team comprises experienced operators who have been in the industry for over a decade. With Hyper's battle-tested experience and expertise, you can rest assured knowing your business is supported by experts who know what it takes to succeed.

By partnering with us, you will receive bespoke and attentive services tailored to your goals for growth and scale. Schedule a consultation today and learn how we can help unblock and accelerate your next round of growth.

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Scaled Growth Services

Product Launches & GTM Execution

Our clients trust us to bring innovative products and services to market. At Hyper, we help businesses launch products with an adaptable growth mindset and a structured scale performance mindset. We will develop strategies to create long-term value and enable cutomizable solutions to keep up with ever-changing markets. Our team of experts provide guidance and and hands-on execution to ensure projects have the best chance of success from launch to scale.

Fully Managed Performance Marketing

Hyper can provide your late-stage venture with a comprehensive performance marketing program that delivers remarkable results. Our team has substantial experience in acquiring and retaining customers, optimizing ROI, and driving significant value. Hyper will fully integrate into a broader marketing team and be an extension of your business. The best part, when the time comes for you to bring performance in-house, we'll help you do it!

Performance Audits

Are you unhappy with the lack of results from your performance marketing initiatives? Hyper is here to help. Our performance marketing audit services will provide an in-depth assessment of your current strategy to identify problem areas and prescribe solutions. Our experts will uncover buried opportunities for improvement and present a clear path forward to create a powerful, effective strategy in which you can confidently invest your resources.New Market Launches

New Market Launches

So it's time to expand, but where do you go? How do you validate this as quickly and as efficiently as possible? Hyper can help you build confidence in the "where" and define and implement the best channel mix bespoke to your new markets. Hyper has deep experience assisting companies in navigating and rapidly prototyping GTM tests opening your brand to new market opportunities with risk adverse execution.

Agency Transitions

Ready to maximize growth? Relying on an external agency isn't the best way. Transitioning away can be difficult, but the dependency trap must end! At Hyper, we understand these struggles and help businesses build in-house growth teams that give them the freedom to reach their full potential. We'll bridge the gap between agencies and your own teaming capabilities and provide expertise and guidance to help businesses build fully in-house word-class team.

Agency Audits

If you suspect something amiss with your current agency, then our audit services can help. We'll thoroughly analyze their inputs, reverse engineer their strategy, help you understand points of failure, and prescribe a turnaround plan. With our agency audit services, you'll gain insight into the opportunity cost of your existing agency so that you can have confidence in your decision-making process, whether that means sticking with your current agency or turning over operations to someone new.

Growth Team Alignments

Misaligned or newly combined growth teams will struggle to drive results, leading to wasted potential and inefficient outcomes. Hyper will assess, align, and focus your team so they can perform to their maximum potential. We enable growth marketing teams to build the trust needed to become the powerful engines of profitable growth that they’re meant to be.

Growth Team Expansion

Don't be set-up to fail due to the voids present in your growth team. When it's time to scale, first look inward to ensure your team has the capacity and skill sets or you're setting your business and your team up for failure. Hyper, will help you raise your operating floor by identifying vulnerabilities within your team that could inhibit scale. Hyper will bridge the skill gap while we work with you to round out your team.

Turnkey Performance Marketing

Managing substantial performance budgets is no easy task. For teams with limited expertise or bandwidth, Hyper can be the bridge to your success. Our team will deliver you ready to grow campaigns, designed and built for your bespoke needs integrated into your existing infrastructure. Our turnkey option enables larger businesses to add both expertise and bandwidth without hassle.

Growth Team Mentorship

Hyper is committed to helping growth marketing teams expand their potential. Use our extensive experience to guide your team's professional growth. We are dedicated to empowering growth marketing teams with the skills and guidance necessary for reaching desired outcomes that would otherwise be impossible.

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Adapt and transform with the rapidly evolving technological landscape to stay competitive.

Expand Business Horizons
Design Thinking & Research
Technology Assessments
Hyper's Innovation Services

Product & Technology

Searching for a significant breakthrough in your business? Together, we'll find that "one" feature which will jumpstart your growth - propelling your company towards greater heights!

Product Feasibility
Wireframing & UX Flows
MVP Feature Sets
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Let Hyper's experienced professionals pave the way for your business success with sound advice, guidance, and support. Unlock opportunities that lead to long-term growth!

Operational Modeling
Organizational Alignment
Procurement & Sourcing
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Scaled Growth Marketing

Now is the time to reduce dependency on outside agencies, build and expand your internal practice, unify complex organizations for harmonious management of all parties involved -and do it in a way that allows you to scale new markets.

Launch New Markets
Perfomance Marketing
Turnkey Campaign Buildouts
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Uncover gaps between your current strategies and success in the modern world with our analysis tools, market research reports, and experienced advice on external forces like trends, competitors’ behavior, or regulatory shifts that could affect you.

Competitor Analysis
Vertical Integration
Expansion Planning
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